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Toronto condos (Condominiums): Condos be found throughout Toronto's downtown - prices vary depending on location but with approximate starting prices in the 150s. Owner has a deed for unit, has a separate mortgage, pays property tax on the unit plus a percentage of the common areas and pays a monthly maintenance fee. A board of directors governs the complex with the owner having one vote. The owners of condos have a fee simple absolute unrestricted ownership and are individually responsible for property taxes and the condos' maintenance fees. Use the sales price of condominiums with similar size, appeal, age, neighborhood in Toronto, incurring similar maintenance fees, etc. to determine market value. Ask owners in the complex what they like and dislike about both the unit and the complex. How good is the sound proofing, can you hear your neighbors? End units and upper units generally sell for more when sound issues come into play. How is its location in the complex? Is it near downtown Toronto or will you have to commute to work? Does the condo have easy street access, parking facility, swimming pool? Stay away from predominantly rental condo complexes in Toronto, those having more occupants that are renters. Renters generally do not maintain their condos as well and this might become a concern later. They are often poorly maintained as absentee owners usually vote against improvements and increases in maintenance fees. When buying condos in Toronto, it is always good to ask lots of questions.

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